3 Denton Restaurants that Offer Food Delivery During COVID-19

COVID-19 in Denton has kept many people inside their homes for their safety and the safety of others. Fortunately, some of our local restaurants in the area are still delivering food safely to the residents in the area to make sure they still get a taste of that great local Denton cuisine.

Support your neighborhood restaurants with these 3 restaurants still delivering food during COVID-19 in Denton, TX.

Jonuzi’s Pizza

Pizza in Denton couldn’t be any better than it is at Jonuzi’s Pizza. Jonuzi’s uses a family recipe for both the sauce and crust of their pizzas, bringing a 40-year family recipe from Jersey all the way down to Denton.

Their expansive menu includes phenomenally priced daily specials, a wide range of different salad options, build your own slices and pizzas, gourmet house-recipe pizzas, both hot and cold sub sandwiches, pizza turnovers and calzones and strombolis, and to top it all off they also offer a build-your-own burger option as well as desserts and beverages.

Jonuzi’s Pizza offers pizza delivery in Denton from 11am-9pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday, and 11am-9pm on Sunday.

Drunchies Tacos

When you crave street tacos or Mexican food, look no further than Denton’s Drunchies Tacos. This local joint offers their full menu on DoorDash, allowing you to easily place an order on your phone while you enjoy your favorite television show, video game, or read a book – no need to get up until the food is dropped off!

Drunchies Tacos has four combos to choose from, each one providing a different taste of this Denton taco shop. The various combos include taco plates, quesadilla plates, and burger plates, each with unique sides ranging from refried beans to Mexican rice to fries!

To get Drunchies Tacos delivered to you in Denton, simply use the DoorDash app and make your order; you can even have your Dasher drop your food at the door so that there is no contact between you and them, further protecting yourself from COVID-19.

Fat Shack

While Fat Shack is in several different cities and states, it is still as local as a small franchise can be! If it’s something your mama told you not to eat, then it’s probably on one of their sandwiches. Fat Shack in Denton lives by its name, offering a wild selection of sandwiches, burgers, cheese steaks, appetizers, and desserts. If it can be fried – it probably is at Fat Shack!

Next time you have a craving for something greasy and fried, check out this local chain on DoorDash.

Stay Safe!

We hope that you take advantage of some of these local restaurants in Denton that are still delivering during the COVID-19 crisis. They have gone above and beyond to offer safe and quick delivery, that way you can enjoy a comforting meal during an uncomfortable time.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; partake in social distancing by being at least 6 feet away from people in public. Laura’s Locksmith & Security Store is wishing you the best health during this time.