5 Hiking Trails Near Denton

Whether you are trying to better your health, clear your head, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, hiking is an easy go-to activity with tons of incentives. According to the American Hiking Society, hiking provides a wide range of both physical and mental health benefits with relatively few risks. All you need to do is find a nearby trail and become one with nature!

Here are 5 hiking trails near Denton that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure.  

North Lakes Park Trail

If you are new to hiking, the North Lakes Park Trail is a great starting point. This loop trail 1.5 miles long and is moderately trafficked which makes it great for all skill levels and ages. As you go along the trail you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, which is sure to make your walk very peaceful. The trail is perfect to walk with your loved ones and furry friends.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Another great starting trail is the loop trail at the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center. The trail is 3.3 miles long and is also moderately trafficked. This trail features a beautiful lake filled with tons wildlife. This trail is perfect to walk your dog and is also known for the occasional horse ride. 

Elm Fork Green Belt Trail

If you are looking for a trail that provides a little more of a challenge, then you should try the Elm Fork Green Belt Trail. This is point-to-point trail that is 11 miles long. There is very light traffic and only a little shade so make sure you are prepared to soak up some sun. You can also bring your dog along on this trail. However, they kindly ask to keep them on a leash to be considerate of others.

Denton Katy Rail Trail

Another great point-to-point trail is the Denton Katy Rail Trail. This trail is 11.9 miles long and is paved, making it great for strollers and it is wheelchair friendly. This is a moderately trafficked inner-city trail that does feature some street crossings. This trail is great if you are wanting a longer walk or even a bike ride.

Randy Bell Scenic Trail

If you desire the complete nature experience, then you should consider taking a stroll on the Randy Bell Scenic Trail. This is a 2.5-mile loop trail that is paved, but also features some off-trail routes. This trail is just along side Ray Roberts Lake which provides tons of beautiful scenery and wildlife making the Randy Bell Scenic Trail live up to its name. Depending on the time of year, you can take a break for a swim, go fishing, and maybe even see a deer family walking by.

Go Enjoy the Outdoors!

These are just a few amazing trails in the Denton area that are great for getting some fresh air. Consider using one of these beautiful trails the next time you are out for a hike. Happy hiking from Laura’s Locksmith and Security Store!