How Are Duplicate Keys Made?

Do you have to jiggle your key to get it to work correctly? Did you accidentally lose the only key you had for your car or home? Then you might want to consider getting a copy of your key made. But how exactly are these copies made?

In this article, we will explain how key copies are made, why it is important to have a spare key waiting just in case, and how Laura’s Locksmith and Security Store can help.

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How Are Key Copies Made?

Proper key copies are created with a machine called a key duplicator. The original key is placed in a vice on one side of the key duplicator. It is then lined up with the blade and a blank key is placed in a vice on the side of the machine that contains an alignment tool. The alignment tool is a piece of metal that is even with the blade and it ensures the keys are even with one another. The key duplicator is then turned on and uses the original key as a template for the new one. As the original and blank keys move horizontally across the machine, the blade cuts into the blank key creating the duplicate. Afterward, a lock tech sands down the duplicate key for a nice, smooth finish.

Why it is Important to Have a Spare Key

Lockouts can happen to anyone and they are extremely frustrating to say the least. That is why it is always best to be prepared for an accidental lockout before one even occurs. Having a spare key can prevent you from wasting your time and money. A spare key can also help in the event of an emergency. Accidents can happen, like forgetting you left your house key at work by the time you arrive home or accidentally locking your keys in the car when you head into the grocery store. Luckily, if this ever occurs before you have a spare key made, the lock tech professionals at Laura’s can easily help you out with our Home Lockout or Emergency Locksmithing services.

Where to Get Copies Made

You can find self-service key cutting kiosks in many hardware stores, but these machines are not necessarily the most reliable option. While these kiosks may seem convenient and work well when they are new, they are not regularly recalibrated or well-maintained like the machines you would find at a professional locksmith store. That is why it is always a good idea to visit professionals like the experts here at Laura’s to get your copies made. Going to a professional to make a copy of your key will help you avoid the headache of the poorly made copies that are normally produced by a kiosk.

Rely on Laura’s Locksmith and Security

Whether you are wanting a spare key made or you need some assistance when you are locked out, you can always rely on Laura’s Locksmith and Security Store to help. With over 30 years of experience in locksmithing, we are sure we can help you get exactly what you need!